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About Us


What we Stand for:

01 Our Mission

Our mission is to Inspire Women of all ages, sizes and shapes to feel confident about their beauty, to embrace their bodies and love themselves!

We know that beauty is not wasted on the youth because it is not limited to the youth.  It exists in all ages when you realize your age is not what defines you.

Beauty is not the paid privilege of the uberwealthy because it cannot be bought for a price.  It is free to be discovered like a field of wild flowers.

Beauty is not an exclusive privilege of the fashion elite because it cannot be monopolized.
It is a renewable resource harvested in each of us.

The Revolution is inside you.  Let it out.

02 The Founder's Story

The innocent girl asks a profound question to herself:  

What if I really am beautiful?

And with the question, comes the dream.  If she was beautiful, she could dress beautifully.  People would notice, and from the attention, she could command their respect.  A beautiful woman walks with confidence and becomes anything she wants to be:  A doctor, an engineer, an athlete.  Her beauty is transcendent.  Her language does not limit, and her nation’s borders do not contain.  Her beauty attracts beautiful people, and her friendships endure.  Her children are born into riches only measurable with love.  And as one year turns to the next, she learns that true beauty is not ageless… its eternal.

And what if her dream inspired the world?  A smile comes to her face, and she whispers with a roar: “That dream would become a Revolution.”


Maria Luisa, Founder and CEO:

Maria Luisa was raised in Colombia by her paternal family and grandmother.  Growing up in a town with warm weather and a loving family, she was also teased for being a dark-skin Latina girl with curly unmanaged hair.  A young girl in stark contrast to the perceived standards of beauty, Maria Luisa turned inward and found an undeniable beauty inside herself.  

She taught herself English and Algebra, earned a degree in Industrial Engineering, and migrated to America.  Overcoming the challenges of being an immigrant, she attained a well-paying career in America’s Fortune 100 companies. However her American Dream did not come true until 2019 when she stepped away from the corporate grind and founded R-évolution Q.  

With the goal of empowering women to discover their inner beauty though elegant clothing, R-évolution Q is more than fashion... 
It's a Revolution!!

03 Our Pledge

Our goal at R-évolution Q is to emancipate your absolute beauty through the perfect blend of elegance and sexy.  Located in South Florida, the world’s hottest trends ignite in our fashion district. And with our roots in Colombia South America, we take the world’s hottest trends and turn up the Latin heat.

We pride ourselves in listening, knowing the voices of our customers are the voices of the Revolution.

  • You’ve asked for the hottest new styles released every week.

  • You’ve asked for Italian-made quality at an 
    unbeatable value.

  • You've asked for DM instant access to customer service through Instagram and our website.

  • You’ve asked for a 60 day return policy.

You asked. We listened.  The revolution only grows with 100% customer satisfaction.

"Let's build women's Confidence with kind words and beautiful Clothes"

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